CLOSE-UP: the people’s jury; ‘Harry’ ads continue to score

Meg Carter discovers that a change of season helps fair-weather ads to register

Meg Carter discovers that a change of season helps fair-weather ads to


Its latest TV ad may have sparked a political storm, but Safeway’s

‘Harry’ campaign continues to impress viewers. In this month’s people’s

jury, the ‘Safeway bestbuys’ spot - featuring Harry and his young friend

totting up their mum’s bills - comes out marginally ahead of Lowe

Howard-Spink’s baby convention for the Vauxhall Astra: proof, if it were

needed, of the enduring strength of the ‘ahh factor’ for any campaign.

Around 56 per cent of those surveyed remembered seeing the Safeway ad,

and a whopping 66 per cent the spot from Vauxhall Astra. However, when

it came to propensity to buy, Safeway managed only third place behind

Publicis’s Asda spot and an ad for Jersey Royal new potatoes. The Astra

spot, meanwhile, slid out of the picture altogether.

Each month, Campaign selects 20 mainstream commercials to gauge the

public’s response: whether they like the ad and whether it would make

them actually go out and buy the product. Jurors are asked to rate

commercials on a scale of one (least liked) to ten (most). The panel

illustrates the top five ranked by juror’s declared willingness to buy.

The most-liked ads this month are commercials for Safeway (score: 6.5)

and Vauxhall (6.4). Neck and neck in joint third place are Saatchi and

Saatchi’s Flymo ad and Barker and Ralston’s commercial for the Saab 9000

(6.2), narrowly pipping to the post Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper’s latest

commercial for the Citroen Xantia (6) and the outsider, Desbrow Thompson

Chaffe’s ad for Jersey Royal new potatoes (6), which just slipped into

the top five.

Flymo and Jersey Royal are two of a number of fair-weather seasonal

campaigns to register well. Gillette Right Guard from Abbott Mead

Vickers BBDO nudged in behind Asda at number ten, closely followed by

Robinsons, Beconase Hayfever and Wall’s Solero ice-cream.

Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury’s pounds 3.5 million campaign for Robinsons

drinks marked a departure for this most traditional of brands. The ads,

which feature a variety of interpretations of the same script between a

couple sipping drinks on the deck of a boathouse, made it to 11th

position (5.5), tied with Bates Dorland’s ad for the hayfever product,

Beconase. But when asked if they remembered seeing the Robinsons

campaign, just 36 per cent of those questioned responded with a ‘yes’.

Languishing at the bottom of the pile are Foote Cone Belding’s ad for

Findus and Mellors Reay’s for San Marco (5.1 each), Pepcid AC from

Saatchis and, surprisingly, M&C Saatchi’s ‘shadow catchers’ ad for PPP

(both are late runners with 4.9). The latter was beaten hands down by

Ogilvy and Mather’s Gerard de Thame-directed Bupa commercial - part of

the new pounds 10 million ‘you’re beautiful’ campaign: it scored 5.3,

taking it into 13th position.

Whether or not jurors intended to buy the products advertised seems to

have more to do with the hot weather than affection for many of the

campaigns surveyed.

Top scoring ads for the Astra, Saab and Citroen were bumped out of the

top five by Jersey Royal, Robinsons, Gillette Right Guard and Wall’s


Audience Selection carried out the telephone interviews between 7 and 9

June, selecting 1,000 adults who represented a cross-section of the

population by age, class, sex and geography.

As ever, the supermarkets made a strong showing: in first and third

positions were Asda and Safeway with 35 per cent propensity to buy and

32 per cent, respectively.

Meanwhile, JWT’s ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ saga for Entemanns Cakes scored well

- 5.8 points took it to seventh position alongside Ammirati Puris

Lintas’ Impulse ad. BMP DDB Needham’s new work for Vodafone, featuring

the former Twin Peaks star, Kyle MacLachlan, in one of a growing number

of X-File spoofs, was remembered by 62 per cent of those surveyed. It

was awarded 5.2 points, bringing it in at number 16.

Meanwhile, only 11 per cent say they will by Entemanns’ Cakes - perhaps

a reflection of summertime swimwear angst.


Propensity to buy


We asked the people’s jury whether the advertising was more likely to

encourage them to buy or use the product

Ad                          % likely to buy

Asda                               35

Jersey Royal new potatoes          35

Safeway                            32

Robinsons                          26

Gillette                           25





Rank Ad campaign                   Agency                        Points

 1    Safeway Bestbuys             Bates Dorland                  6.5

 2    Vauxhall Astra               Lowe Howard-Spink              6.4

 3=   Flymo                        Saatchi and Saatchi            6.2

 3=   Saab 9000                    Barker and Ralston             6.2

 5=   Citroen Xantia               Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper          6.0

 5=   Jersey Royal new potatoes    Desbrow Thompson Chaffe        6.0

 7=   Entemann’s Cakes             J. Walter Thompson             5.8

 7=   Impulse                      Ammirati Puris Lintas          5.8

 9    Asda                         Publicis                       5.7

10    Gillette Right Guard         Saatchi and Saatchi            5.6

11=   Robinsons                    Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury   5.5

11=   Beconase Hayfever            Bates Dorland                  5.5

13=   Bupa                         Ogilvy and Mather              5.3

13=   Wall’s Solero                Ogilvy and Mather              5.3

13=   Pot Noodle                   Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury   5.3

16    Vodafone Mobile Phone        BMP DDB                        5.2


17=   Findus Create a Stir         Foote Cone Belding             5.1

17=   San Marco                    Mellors Reay                   5.1

19=   Pepcid AC                    Saatchi and Saatchi            4.9

19=   PPP                          M&C Saatchi                    4.9

Source: Audience Selection. Further information and copies of the full

results are available. Tel 0171-608 3618