CLOSE-UP: REVIEW - CAMPAIGN SCREEN. W&K's Ben Walker casts a copywriter's eye over this month's Campaign Screen

What goodies do we have inside the box today?

We kick off with a selection of the best ads of the month. Highlights include a funny PlayStation 2 spot, beautifully crafted ads for Mercedes and Stella Artois and a campaign for Orange featuring no less than Spike Lee and Carrie Fisher, who just doesn't look the same without two cinnamon buns covering her ears. Special mention goes to the weird and wonderful Siemens ad (that's next year's Cannes Traktor party invite sorted).

Private View is England v Spain. England get off to a good start with spots for BA and PlayStation 2, but Spain responds with a barmy ad for the Sitges Fantasy Film Festival. In extra time, Spain nicks it with a well-converted campaign for PhotoEspana, which leaves as much of an imprint on you as it says the photos will.

A question for copywriters. Have you written that novel you've been banging on about yet? You have? Really? No, thought not. Well get yourself down to the reportage section then. It features interviews with Matt Beaumont who wrote e and the best-selling thriller writer James Siegal. They both managed to get off their fat advertising arses and do what we all say we're doing. Sickening.

While in there, check out the New Directors' Showcase, especially the Stylewar video for Moby which nearly made me cry. In fact, everything in this bit's good. Aren't new directors supposed to be a bit crap? You know, learning their trade and all that? Not this lot.

In the "Making of" section, Olivier Gondry gives us a fascinating insight into how he got a computer to shoot the new Nationwide ad. I noticed he didn't give it a credit though. Now there's gratitude.

And there's a chance to gawp in wonder at the opening credits to Catch Me If You Can for the 27th time, as well as other D&AD and One Show winners.

Best of The US includes the Shelf Ball campaign for ESPN. Written by our Wieden & Kennedy brothers in New York, it proves once again that they're just funnier than we are. The Milk spots featuring heads and feet with no body in the middle are great, and the Visa ad with the suitcase fitted with a homing device is a triumph.

In Top Tracks, Richard Corbett, Mike Connaris and Barrie Williams review their fave soundtracks this month. A tip for your listening pleasure: if you listen to the Jan Sport ad with your headphones on you get that nice stereo effect. Always a winner.

All in all another tip-top edition of Campaign Screen, with plenty in there to ... ahem ... inspire you.

You can also visit its website to see the violent Campaign Screen viral ads starring the likes of Briginshaw and Duffy, Robert Campbell and Dave Droga (

And with the luscious Lisa Campbell to guide us through it all, what more could you possibly want?