Rank   Site                     Address              Latest monthly page
                                                 impressions (millions)
1      Faceparty                           *151.7
2      FHM                                         42.0
3      Uproar                                 30.0
4                                     26.6
5      Channel 4                              24.8
6                                     24.3
7                              *18.3
8                           12.0
9      Disney                                 11.0
10     Computer & Video Games           10.3

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(020) 7505 8458.
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*Figures from ABC Electronic.

The past few months have seen a large rise in the success of Faceparty, a youth-oriented site that has more than one million members. Users are promised "the biggest party on earth" and can sign up free for their own Faceparty web address, chatrooms and the chance to build their own web pages. Faceparty also organises large live events for members.

Advertisers appearing on the web site include Tiscali and the music retailer