Close-Up: My YouTube ad of the week - Brand Philips

Task: Whet the appetite for Philips' new 219 Home Cinema system.

Execution: The Philips "Parallel Lines"-branded YouTube channel. Through a partnership with RSA, Philips showcases five new short films by various directors. All the films use the same short sequence of dialogue - but are otherwise completely different. Viewers can subscribe, comment and even enter the competition to make their own film.

Credits: DDB UK, RSA.

Why I like this: This is content that just won't let you go. Philips shows off its link with Ridley Scott in style and has created a genuinely immersive short film experience with incredibly high production values.

The idea mirrors the product's USP: special widescreen high-concept films for a special cinemascope aspect TV.

The YouTube branded channel builds on a website and Facebook content by offering the chance to make your own film and win a week's work experience with Scott. It may not have been designed to be a mass engagement idea, but the channel is getting some very respectable numbers: more than 1.2 million channel views, yet only 3.1 million UK homes have home cinema systems.

Wish I'd thought of: I love the no-compromise approach to the quality of the content and the design of the branded channel. But the campaign could have used YouTube search better, as searches for "widescreen TV", "home cinema system" and "short films" don't lead you to Parallel Lines. They should because, for once, this is content you'll want to seek out.