Close-Up: My YouTube ad of the week - Coca-Cola Burn

Brand: Coca-Cola Burn.

Task: Re-energise an energy drink in a monumentally crowded category and to a sophisticated, demanding and savvy audience.

Execution: "Ride" is the lead execution of a three-film campaign.

It documents a legendary night's shredding in the heart of Mexico City. Phenomenal skills and stunts are given added drama by the blazing skaters who set the city on fire as they work their way through and over the urban landscape.

Credit: Publicis Mojo Sydney.

Why I like this: The most profound effect that YouTube has had on our business is the internationalism it has brought to our lives, not to mention a big dose of humility about just how good we are in London.

We can now see the best of the globe's creative endeavours as they are played out or, in this case, seeded. YouTube has created the platform to search, stumble upon and share what we are all up to.

Which is exactly what led me to this strategically fresh and executionally mesmerising film and the two others, "peepshow" and "playground", that complete the campaign. It reeks of relentless authenticity because of the relationships the film-makers built with the communities featured in the films and the way they have used them to seed the work back into their world and the wider audience beyond.

Wish I'd thought of: Positioning an energy drink around the energy of fearless creative expression rather than the stale cliches of the locker room, football pitch or the extreme sports mood tape. This is real energy from people with real energy.