Close-Up: My YouTube ad of the week - Nespresso

Brand: Nespresso.

Task: Build awareness of Nespresso's "quality coffee" in the final quarter of 2010 and refresh the long-running "Nespresso - What Else?" ad series.

Execution: George Clooney and John Malkovich star, with Malkovich playing a cab driver. The fare he demands is Clooney's just-purchased Nespresso Volluto capsules because, Malkovich says, heaven will wait for him but not for Nespresso coffee. In the brand's YouTube channel, users can make their own version of the ad.

Credit: McCann Paris

Why I like this: It's a great piece of content endorsed by a celebrity perfectly matched to the brand's attributes.

Who better than the suave George Clooney to buy Nespresso capsules to emphasise its sophistication? Catching the eye of ladies sipping a cup in the cafe gives it an extra allure.

Allowing consumers to edit the video and inviting them to share the content with their friends increases the brand's share of earned media.

The channel contains the must-have sharing tools of Twitter and Facebook and I particularly like the fact that I can subscribe to notifications of new videos so that I don't miss out on another clip of George.

Wish I'd thought of: The simple step-by-step guide to editing the film.

A personalised version can be created with a few simple clicks of the mouse, making it very user-friendly.

I created my own version in three minutes and viewed every scene, which, by the last one, meant the brand message was firmly ingrained in my memory.