Close-Up: My YouTube ad of the week - Nissan

Task: Promote Nissan's electric car, Leaf, across the globe.

Execution: We see a minute's worth of footage featuring a polar bear swimming away from a melting glacier, walking across forests and cities - and passed by big, gas-guzzling trucks - to a suburb. There, the bear hugs a man on his driveway, where his electric car is parked. The tagline is: "The 100 per cent electric Nissan Leaf. Innovation for the planet, innovation for all."

Credit: TBWA\Chiat\Day.

Why I like this: The content lands a powerful message with minimum copy and is captivating throughout.

A polar bear perched on a piece of ice surrounded by a melting glacier plays immediately to your emotions.

This piece of content works equally well on TV and online, allowing Nissan to build coverage quickly as well as capturing consumer feedback.

The ad was posted on YouTube on 8 September and already has more than 600,000 views.

It's also an ad that can work globally, with no need for adaptation, which must help the return on investment - and is definitely part of why it gets my vote.

Wish I'd thought of: Most of us would say we'd act to save polar bears, and Nissan has turned this insight into a powerful piece of content.

I only hope that its marketers across the globe are watching the launch in the US and discussing the media strategy to ensure it works as hard as possible for all markets. It's strange that neither the US nor the UK Nissan websites have links to this content - a missed opportunity.