Close-Up: My YouTube ad of the week - Royal Marine Commandos

Brand: Royal Marine Commandos.

Task: Drive interest in a career in the Royal Marines.

Execution: A branded YouTube channel showcasing exclusive video content and connecting with potential recruits.

There are four main sections (Royal Marine Commandos Training, Extreme vs Marines, State of Mind and Ambush), real Royal Marines talking about their career and links to recruitment information.

Credit: Twentysix.

Why I like this: This branded channel knows its audience - young, steely, sporty fellas who like competition - and hits them square on.

Alongside the stuff you'd anticipate (high-quality footage of hard-as-nails Marines wading through swamps), there's also innovative content: Extreme vs Marines shows extreme sports dudes pitting themselves against gruelling Royal Marine challenges. The core message is that it's the "state of mind" that makes a Royal Marine special - and this really shines through.

Since its launch last year, the channel has attracted a decent audience (88,000 channel views), but the interesting stat is the upload views (494,000), suggesting that people are highly engaged with the content and either viewing a lot of the footage or embedding it elsewhere.

Wish I'd thought of: You can find plenty of other Royal Marines footage on YouTube, but one of the likely unintended consequences of this official branded channel is its role as a message board of support for troops based overseas.