Close-Up: My YouTube ad of the week - Tipp-Ex

Brand: Tipp-Ex.

Task: Bring relevance and engagement in a digital world to a decidedly old-school product.

Execution: "A hunter shoots a bear" uses a number of YouTube features to create a funny, interactive experience. The video plays and then asks users whether the hunter should shoot the bear or not. Upon choosing an option, the user is brought to the brand channel where the "Subservient Chicken"-esque features begin and the user dictates the story.

Credit: Buzzman, France.

Why I like this: I suspect Tipp-Ex might have found itself in a difficult place over the past decade as all manner of digital devices led people to forsake handwritten formal documents in so many walks of life.

With that as its starting point, it's a real challenge to find a way to create relevance for digital users and engage them with what the brand is about.

Yet this execution is thoroughly engaging (ten million-plus views and the associated buzz attest to that) and has a clear link to the product benefit (ie. "rewrite this story").

It uses some of YouTube's unique features and is smart in following some of the rules of digital engagement, making it simple, easy and addictive to interact with.

They've created relevance by engaging a group of digital natives, who now know what to buy whenever they write anything formal by hand.

Wish I'd thought of: Creating a story that allows users to write and rewrite the story themselves - simple, fun, addictive, easy to share and linked to the product benefit. This ad can have more storyline extensions as well.