Close-Up: My YouTube ad of the week

Brand: Trivial Pursuit.

Task: Launch the new version of Trivial Pursuit, the "Bet You Know It" board game.

Execution: An interactive version of the new board game that gives users the chance to play against YouTube "celebrities". Players earn chips by answering questions correctly and then betting on how the YouTube star fares. Correct bets earn chips for the "People's score"; wrong bets earn chips for the "YouTube score". Twitter-style feeds update your progress.

Credits: Hasbro, YouTube.

Why I like it: It's a game promoting a game, which sounds counterintuitive but really works. The ability to add a human element through "star" YouTube users brings the new game's gambling twist to life brilliantly.

By using references from popular digital culture, a 30-year-old board game becomes contemporary and more relevant to a younger demographic. For example, the Davies-Carr brothers (of the viral video "Charlie Bit My Finger" fame) warn you to challenge them, or they'll bite your finger.

The game-maker Hasbro has also uploaded other partner videos discussing the challenge, which adds reach and authenticity to the idea.

Wish I'd thought of: Pitting the public against YouTube stars is a great way of galvanising the YouTube community, and proving that the site can offer deeper engagement than simply watching or interacting with video. It also demonstrates the scale of YouTube in a compelling way and has opened up a range of other opportunities: what next for The People vs YouTube?