Clydesdale in agency search

Clydesdale Bank, which trades under the name Yorkshire Bank in northern England, is on the hunt for an ad agency.

Clydesdale Bank...TV return
Clydesdale Bank...TV return
The search comes as the bank looks to create two distinct brand identities. Until now, they have run similar work in Scotland and England for both brands.

Clydesdale, which is the third-largest clearing bank in Scotland, has approached a number of London agencies with the advertising brief. A decision is expected by June.

The company is expected to make a full-scale return to TV, as well as running print, outdoor and digital campaigns.

Its last high-profile television campaign, which was developed by the Scottish agency Story, broke in 2004.

It featured a group of people fulfilling their dreams with the help of the bank. The ad showed a group of businessmen looking over new premises, a couple refurbishing a house and a musician preparing for an audition.

The endline was: "When it's important to you, you need a bank you can trust."

Since then, Clydesdale has run a number of adaptations of its 2004 campaign.

The last example ran at the start of 2007, and featured footage from the original brand ad, plus new material promoting the bank's sponsorship of the British Heart Foundation charity.

The search for an advertising agency comes as the future of Scottish banknotes comes under threat from new measures that are being considered by the Treasury. The measures have been designed to protect customers from failing financial institutions.

Clydesdale Bank, one of only three banks permitted to print Scottish banknotes, is debating whether or not to continue issuing notes in Scotland if the plans are given the go-ahead.