Coca-Cola 'football managers' by Mother London

As part of Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the English Football League, it is running a promotion to give away up to £10m for fans to win for their clubs. Mother London was given a brief to market the promotion, however, the agency had a different idea. Seeing as this was for the specific benefit of the clubs, Mother thought the job could be done much more effectively by those who had the greatest interest in winning the money -- the chairmen of each of the clubs. Mother gave the chairmen a brief to make a personal pledge to their fans if they could raise a specific transfer fund target. Over 70% of the chairmen made pledges as diverse as tattooing the club crest on their arm, pushing a black pudding across a pitch with their nose to getting a full body wax. Mother took these pledges and turned them into 72 different radio, online ads, and a number of short films made by the clubs themselves in alliance with Mother. In these films the chairmen make their pledges, giving their fans a taste of what is likely to come. These virals are currently embarrassing their chairmen on YouTube.