Coca-Cola intensifies below-the-line action

Coca-Cola has stepped up its investment in brand experiences with activity across three key soft drink brands this month.

The soft drinks giant secured The Works London as its rostered live event agency earlier this year in a bid to increase its activity below the line.

Campaigns to launch Diet Coke Lemon and Fanta Fruit Twist kicked off this month.

The Works London helped launch Diet Coke Lemon by sampling 1.5 million bottles from a "sexy market trader stand in high footfall areas.

Fanta Fruit Twist is being launched during the summer at theme parks up and down the UK. The Works London has created inflatable sampling arenas with a Bucking Bronco Bottle ride.

"Diet Coke Lemon is targeted at an adult market so we created a sexier image with traders who were a bit more risque in their inter-action with the consumer, said The Works London senior account manager Josh Robinson.

"Fanta Fruit Twist is all about fun, friendship and refreshment so we positioned the brand in an environment where youngsters could experience those qualities."

Coca-Cola is also repositioning its mixer brand Schweppes. The Works London has produced a touring "style bar that will appear at a number of up-market events during the summer such as Cowes Week and The Open.

The design of the bar focuses on the brand message of "effervescence" and the drink is served to paying customers by trained brand ambassadors.

Robinson said: "We are targeting the new mixer generation. Cocktails are dead, consumers are looking for a more sophisticated offer."