Coca-Cola launches diet Vanilla Coke

NEW YORK - A diet version of Vanilla Coke will be rolled out in the US in October, following the successful launch of vanilla-flavoured Coke this spring.

The Coca-Cola Company said the launch of a diet version of the cola drink was a response to consumer demand.

"Vanilla Coke has been a big hit, but diet drinkers have resoundingly told us they want a vanilla option too. So we're giving them what they've asked for," said chief marketing officer for Coca-Cola North America, Chris Lowe.

The launch of diet Vanilla Coke follows a number of brand extensions by drinks rival Pepsi, such as Pepsi Blue, in response to flagging sales in the sector.

Vanilla Coke was launched in May and diet Coke with lemon in 2001, some 16 years after the last major innovation to the brand, cherry Coke, in 1985.

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