Coca-Cola launches flavoured mixers range

Signature Mixers created in collaboration with mixologists.

Signature Mixers: available in 200ml bottles
Signature Mixers: available in 200ml bottles

Coca-Cola is launching a selection of mixers designed to be paired with dark spirits.

There are four Signature Mixers in the range, each of which is designed to "open up and enhance the often-misunderstood flavours of dark spirits". The flavours are: smoky, spicy, herbal and woody.

They were created in collaboration with mixologists who experimented with numerous ingredients to create "the most balanced flavour compositions". Their ideas have been tested with consumers and Coca-Cola has chosen to release the most popular variants next month.

The range is available in 200ml bottles in both on-trade and off-trade.

Ana Amura, senior brand manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain, said: "Coca-Cola has always been part of cocktail culture and history, from the Cuba Libre of the 1900s to some of the world’s best cocktails today.

"There is only one Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Signature Mixers marks an exciting time for the brand and expansion into dark spirit mixology."