Coca-Cola "Magic of Coke taste" by Wieden & Kennedy London

Coca-Cola goes on a taste trip with an absurd new spot.

Celebrating the nostalgic powers of its iconic fizzy drink, Coca-Cola has enlisted the help of a six-foot animated tongue for its summer campaign. The strange ad shows a woman drinking a glass bottle of Coke at a dreary bus stop, before looking back on the "taste adventure" she shared with an oversized tongue, which vaguely resembles a spat-out piece of chewing gum. The organ and its owner soon become best friends, basking in the sunshine on an idyllic beach, wiping out on the ski slopes and showing off their semi-traumatic dance skills on the dance floor. 

Once all the adventure winds down we find the woman standing back at the bus stop, this time looking pretty chuffed with herself (presumably because it has stopped raining, but also because she is no longer pottering about with a free-moving tongue). "Magic of Coke taste" has been launched alongside 30 and 20-second ads, as well as out-of-home, digital and experiential activity. The work was written by Jake Attree, art directed by Matt Callaby and directed by Ernest Desumbila through Iconoclast. 


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