Coca-Cola "Open" by Wieden & Kennedy London

Russian Doll's no-nonsense Natasha Lyonne saves a city from total annihilation by suggesting people make more of an effort to get on.

Couples bicker in cars on a traffic-jammed street, a man argues with a female cop, a Fortnite-style video game character smashes forth from a TV screen and takes out the ceiling above with her laser gun, a man trying to relax on his sofa slams his front door on a cold-caller, causing his building to start collapsing, superheroes pummel away at one another… chaos reigns.

Until, that is, Russian Doll’s Natasha Lyonne appears, suggesting that society night benefit if people claim responsibility for their actions.

The 90-second film will be supported by out-of-home activity, while Coke is producing a series of limited edition cans bearing images of linked hands.


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