Coca-Cola opts to run second US execution

Coca-Cola GB is launching its US-produced "real" campaign, created by Berlin-Cameron/Red Cell, in the UK. The first spot to air will feature the Friends star Courtney Cox Arquette.

The 30-second ad breaks on 16 May and will run throughout the summer.

It features Arquette and her husband, David, at home. David is playing his pinball machine and is offered a glass of Coke by his wife. However, she realises she only has one bottle left and tricks him by filling his glass with ice and saving most of the drink for herself.

The "real" campaign features celebrities behaving "normally". Another spot stars Penelope Cruz downing her bottle in one before belching loudly.

The strength of the work won the agency the entire US account from McCann-Erickson New York.

McCann-Erickson London and Mother, two fellow UK Coca-Cola roster agencies, presented creative ideas for the classic Coke brand earlier this year, but the company preferred to use the Berlin-Cameron campaign.

The marketing director for Coca-Cola GB, Charlotte Oades, said: "The ad tested extremely well with consumers here, who loved the fact that Coca-Cola brought them a glimpse of real life behind the doors of a well-known celebrity household."

The spot was written by Ewen Cameron, Julian Pugsley and Neil Ripley, and art directed by Jason Peterson. It was directed by David Fincher at Anonymous Content.

Coca-Cola GB will also run a US TV ad to launch Vanilla Coke. It was created by Interpublic's The Martin Agency and will run through the McCann network.