Coca-Cola tests happiness machine on UK students

Coca-Cola has brought its Happiness Machine to the UK in a new viral, released today.

For the two-minute video the Coca-Cola "happiness" vending machine was placed on a London university campus and filmed candidly, while students receive more than just a can of coke.

The viral is set as a British follow up to Coca-Cola’s original Happiness Machine video, filmed in the US earlier this year, which received a million views in its first week of being posted online.

The machine, placed in Imperial College, London, acts as a normal vending machine and gives out cans of Coke, before a person inside the machine hands out a series of surprise items tailored for a British audience, such as a punnet of strawberries and cream and a game of Twister.

The video, created by Lexis PR, was filmed over a two-day period at the university and was unscripted.