COI calls DM pitch for children's brief

The Children's Workforce Development Council is looking for an agency to handle the direct marketing account for its Early Years Professional Status initiative.

CWDC…seeking DM agency
CWDC…seeking DM agency

COI, which is handling the review, is understood to have shortlisted four agencies for the business, with pitches taking place later this month.

The incumbent on the account, Red C, is thought to be involved in the process.

The successful agency will be responsible for creating direct mail, press inserts and digital campaigns promoting the EYPS scheme, which aims to encourage graduates to consider a role in helping children to develop from birth until the age of five, and ensuring that workers benefit from the highest level of training.

By 2015, it is hoped that an EYPS-qualified worker will be present in every day care setting. Research carried out by the CWDC has shown that by the time a child turns five, 90 per cent of their brain connections will have been made.

In July last year, the CWDC appointed Publicis to handle the £8 million above-the-line element of the business.