COI changes name to reflect expertise in communications

The Central Office of Information is changing its name.

The Central Office of Information is changing its name.

From this week, the government body responsible for overseeing its

agency roster will be known as COI Communications, reflecting its

transformation into a ’communications organisation for the 21st

century,’ the chief executive, Carol Fisher, said .

The change of name, the first for the COI since it was formed out of the

wartime Ministry of Information in 1946, is accompanied by a new logo

and design work.

The COI will use its new name across the range of its activities but

will retain its existing title which can only be changed by an act of


Fisher said that the name was being changed because it no longer

reflected the scale of the COI’s operations. She added: ’We’re not

trying to be the new kid on the block because we’re not.’

COI executives believe the COI’s name fails to acknowledge its

transformation from a ’products factory’ into an organisation offering

communications expertise and adding value to the process. It is

currently working on some 20 projects for government departments and the

armed forces.

It has also been developing its specialist service to advise the

Government on the most effective ways of communicating with ethnic


’We aim to bring in the same rigorous checking of quality that we do to

our agency roster,’ Fisher said