COI forces agencies to adopt green policies

LONDON - COI agencies will be forced to implement green policies from this autumn when COI plans to adopt a policy of "sustainable procurement".

Peter Buchanan...explained COI strategy
Peter Buchanan...explained COI strategy
The Government's marketing body, which spends more than £150 million on advertising every year, has asked a working group to draw up a set of green requirements that COI can realistically expect from its 28 agency rosters.

The working group is expected to report to COI this autumn, and from then any roster reviews will have the environmental requirements included as part of the pitch process. The next COI roster review for ad agencies will take place in 2009.

Peter Buchanan, COI's deputy chief executive, explained: "While ISBA is concentrating on environmental claims in advertising, we're focusing on the issue of sustainable procurement."

The initiative will add to existing pressure coming from the commercial sector, which in some cases is already favouring agencies that adopt certain green policies.

Marks & Spencer, BSkyB and Eurostar are among the major brands that have publicly undertaken to improve their green profile and are requiring their suppliers to shape up as part of their commitment.