COI reveals creative and media pairings for apprentice brief

COI Communications has paired BMP DDB with Starcom MediaVest and Walsh Trott Chick Smith with Manning Gottlieb OMD in a pitch for a campaign promoting the benefits of modern apprenticeships to employers.

The campaign emanates from the Learning & Skills Council, the governmental body responsible for planning and funding all post-16-year-old non-university candidates in England. It launches next year targeting businesses that employ more than 100 people, in an attempt to increase opportunities for modern apprenticeship places.

The agencies have been briefed to produce work that highlights the benefits of the initiative and show how a modern apprenticeship's enhanced skills and capabilities can directly have an impact on an employer's bottom line.

The paired agencies will be pitching for the account in December.

Michael Kestenbaum, the strategic marketing director at the Learning & Skills Council, said: "The campaign will focus on employers who have not traditionally seen themselves as modern apprenticeships employers, for example in the hospitality and healthcare sectors."