COI reviews roster of sponsorship agencies

LONDON – COI Communications is reviewing its sponsorship agency roster with the aim of creating two separate rosters.

For the first time, the COI is splitting partnership marketing from the main sponsorship roster. The partnership marketing roster will include the development and delivery of government messages via partnerships with private, public and voluntary sector organisations.

The sponsorship roster will undertake the planning, implementation and evaluation of sponsorship and programme creation across TV, radio, press and digital.

Daphne De Souza, COI's head of sponsorship, said that the change was needed to meet new requirements.

"The industry is changing and we need to keep abreast of those changes. Sponsorship can take many different forms and we are keen to reflect this in our rosters."

She added: "Demands of government departments have evolved, therefore, we need to take a flexible approach to our roster structure. By splitting it into two categories we will be in a better position to offer more defined, value-added services."

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