COI seeks shop for online child safety

COI has kicked off a search for a digital creative agency to handle the Home Office's child protection on the internet account.

Profero, which has held the account since January 2002, will repitch for the business against an undisclosed number of roster agencies.

Jamie Galloway, the director of digital at COI, said past work on the account had been a great success but now needed to be moved on. The next phase of the campaign will have a more European focus.

Profero has created a series of award-winning ads to raise awareness of internet paedophiles. To target nine- to 14-year-olds, the agency developed banners and skyscrapers with avatar characters, which appeared on chat sites such as Habbohotel. When the site detected that a child was about to give out their phone number, the characters would pop up on screen, warning that the person they are talking to could be a paedophile.

COI is in the middle of a review of its digital creative agency roster.

A decision is expected in January.