Coke celebrates Christmas by launching first mobile branding campaign

LONDON - Coca-Cola is launching a mobile phone branding campaign that will allow users to send each other Coke-themed Christmas messages.

The initiative, the first mobile branding campaign undertaken by the soft drinks giant, has been overseen by Coca-Cola's global digital agency, AKQA.

The virtual cards are based on a number of Coke's Christmas ads, including this year's "the greatest gift" spot by Mother and those featuring the iconic polar bears.

Coca-Cola is advertising the promotion across the 3 network and on its Christmas microsite.

Coke, which has only used mobile to run promotions, says it will adopt a cautious approach when using it for branding campaigns to ensure it doesn't overuse the medium or put consumers off.

"The challenge with mobile is that just because something is possible, it doesn't mean you should do it," Jo Hyder, the head of consumer digital marketing for Coca-Cola GB, said.

"But for Christmas, we felt there was a natural connection between personal communications devices and the creative of our Christmas campaign, which focuses on giving and not receiving."

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