Coke and Pepsi look at redesigned packaging

NEW YORK - Coca-Cola is trying out a new slimline can in test markets in the US, as it seeks to steal back some of the cool taken by a new generation of energy drinks such as Red Bull.

At the same time, rival cola maker Pepsi is revamping its packaging with a new font and a bolder use of its globe logo, although it will not be changing its formula.

According to reports, the new Coca-Cola packaging has been sampled in upmarket bars in Manhattan. It is slimline, with a similar shape to Red Bull, and has no logo on it. It retains the signature colour red of a typical Coke can with a variation of the "dynamic ribbon" that appears under the Coca-Cola logo.

When Red Bull launched in the UK several years ago, it used a low-key approach rather than major TV advertising campaigns. One of the techniques used to market the product was to leave empty cans around in trendsetting bars, to help create demand in a subtle fashion.

It is thought that Coca-Cola might be aping this approach, rather than resorting to its usual tactics of large-scale marketing drives, often featuring celebrities.

Pepsi said it was changing its packaging to reflect the brand's qualities. Dawn Hudson, president of Pepsi-Cola North American, said: "Pepsi is about a youthful attitude, boldness and excitement and this look brings those qualities to life. Package graphics are the face of our brand and this more modern design embodies Pepsi's youthful personality."

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