Colgate is the most recalled ad at launch of measurement service Nielsen IAG

LONDON - Y&R Paris's Colgate ad featuring a tooth sensitivity test in a shopping mall was the most memorable of the last month, according to a new measurement service launched by The Nielsen Company today.

The service, Nielsen IAG, aims to measure how engaged viewers are with TV advertising and programmes based on a panel of UK TV viewers.

It has been devised to give advertisers and agencies an opportunity to change underperforming ads or place ads next to programmes which are more engaging.

The first set of results, for the month ending 21 February, showed consumers were 87% more likely to recall the Colgate ad compared to the "average".

The general ad recall is a measure of an ad's ability to break through and generate a memorable impression and is the main indicator of creative strength and brand recall reflects impact which is a key gauge of how well a brand is being communicated through an ad.

Nielsen IAG has been available in the US for the last five years and a spokesman from Nielsen said over half of the top 100 US advertisers now peg prices to how engaged viewers are with the programmes the ads run alongside.

Darren Moore, vice president of research at IAG, will lead the new UK team. Moore said IAG will give advertisers "prompt insights on how their ad is performing" and enable advertisers to "match up effective ads with programmes with high engagement".

Nielsen IAG surveys a panel of UK TV viewers each night asking them specific questions on each programme and advert they saw during the previous 24 hours and uses the number of correct responses to define the level of engagement.

Nielsen IAG then uses the same method to measure how much viewers liked the ad and if they understood the intended message.