Comic Relief seeks direct marketing agency

LONDON - The charity Comic Relief is looking for a direct marketing agency to handle a campaign that aims to encourage more children to get involved with the organisation.

Comic Relief: celebrities take part in Red Nose Climb
Comic Relief: celebrities take part in Red Nose Climb

The charity has contacted agencies directly regarding the project, with initial meetings due to take place next month.

Work is expected to include mailpacks to provide schools with ideas on the range of activities in which children can participate, to help reignite interest in the charity.

Comic Relief was set up in 1985 to help raise money to transform the lives of poor and vulnerable people in the UK and abroad.

The charity's work centres on an annual telethon held each March, which either takes on the guise of Sport Relief or Red Nose Day.

Fallon currently handles the majority of the advertising for Comic Relief. Last year, the agency launched a "Brand Aid" online ad, which featured 14 iconic brand mascots sitting in a boardroom debating how they could help raise money for the charity.

In November last year, Mother was also appointed to work on some advertising campaigns for the charity.

The agency will be responsible for creating a series of films that highlight the importance of HIV tests, condoms and mosquito nets. The ads will aim to take advantage of Africa's love of football by featuring a number of famous African footballers.

Last year's Red Nose Day fundraising appeal raised approximately £80m for the charity, with events including the "Red Nose Climb", which saw nine celebrities successfully climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.