Comic Relief's new film by Wonderhood is a love letter to British charity

This is the first work released by Wonderhood Studios.

Comic Relief’s latest film focuses on how much people have in common despite today's seemingly divisive political climate. It is the first creative work released by Wonderhood Studios.

The ad will launch on ITV, Channel 4 and Sky on Monday and also run on social media. Comic Relief is hosting Red Nose Day, its annual fundraising event, on Friday (15 March), when the film will also air on BBC One. 

"Wise words" shows a grandfather, played by actor Peter Mullan, passing on wisdom to his grandchild about how the things that people share in common are much stronger than those that divide them. The two-minute film celebrates the fact that the British public have always given to charitable causes even during challenging times.

It ends on the line: "We all need each other".

This is Wonderhood’s first campaign since appointing its management team, including ex-BBC Creative leader Aidan McClure as executive creative director, in September 2018. Former Channel 4 boss David Abraham founded the start-up last year to unite advertising and broadcast programming.

Bill Griffin, executive director of creative and brand at Comic Relief, tasked Wonderhood with making the charity more relevant today.

"In these turbulent times, Comic Relief has an important role to remind the nation that we are more united than we’re led to believe," Griffin said. "We are delighted to partner with Wonderhood to deliver this message in a really fresh way."

The work was directed by 32 through Pulse Films and filmed at a council estate in Glasgow. It was shot on film and has no soundtrack, giving it a more cinematographic feel than typical charity ads.

The film also focuses on emotional charity and avoids the "poverty porn" that can plague some advertising in the sector, McClure said.

"Our ambition is to create content that contributes to culture rather than just interrupting it," he said. "We’re proud that our first piece of work is in this space and part of an important conversation."