"No place to call home" by VCCP

The meerpups are off to America in search of their robe-wearing relatives.

Oleg and Ayana are back as Comparethemarket launches its summer rewards scheme. After their home in Africa is destroyed by deforestation (a pretty serious note for an otherwise perky spot), the adorable meerpups head to America in search of their family, Sergei and Aleksandr, who are in San Francisco working on "AutoSergei". Parousing through the streets of urban America in search of their "Papa," the pair give up on their search on top of the Golden Gate Bridge before, by a miraculous twist of fate, spotting their family on a walk along the bay. Launched alongside social, digital, DOOH, and radio, the d'aww-worthy work was created by Jade Sturman and Tori Fannon, and directed by Dave Scanlon through Passion Animation Studios.


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