Complaints against French Connection's lesbian kiss ad soar to 116

LONDON – French Connection's controversial advertising campaign featuring two women fighting and a lesbian kiss scene has notched up 116 complaints, mainly relating to its violent and sexual content.

The Advertising Standards Authority has confirmed that complaints relating to the ad, running on TV and in cinemas, have rocketed since its debut last week. From an initial 39 complaints, this had reached around 70 by the end of last week and now exceeds the 100 mark.

A spokesman said that the association was still considering whether to investigate any possible breaches of its regulations.

Of particular concern to viewers is the level of violence. The ad ends with a violent headbutt and features martial arts punches and kicks. The sexual content features the two fighting women covered in oil and the lesbian kiss.

The ad, by Beattie McGuinness Bungay, was embroiled in further controversy last week when dance act Groovecutters said the creative was an almost scene-for-scene "rip off" of the video for their top 40 hit 'We Close Our Eyes', which was released in January last year.

It emerged the ad was directed by the same person, Duncan Jones, and was, in fact, a shot-for-shot remake using the same location.

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