tackles life’s little mysteries in new campaign by Karmarama

A surreal series of films demonstrates the benefits in facing your confusion to gain clarity.

'Worlds of confusion': series of ads ventures into the minds of people considering everyday conundrums
'Worlds of confusion': series of ads ventures into the minds of people considering everyday conundrums is helping consumers resolve some of life’s common confusions in a campaign by Karmarama.

“Worlds of confusion” builds on’s successful "Confusion to clarity" brand platform and shows that when people face confusion, they can end up gaining a new sense of confidence and clarity.

With a surreal, dream-like quality, a series of films ventures inside the minds of people as they consider everyday conundrums, such as whether to use "affect" or "effect", or the differences between alligators and crocodiles. In each execution, once they face their confusion, they end up finding clarity.

The campaign breaks on TV today (6 September) and includes cinema, radio, digital and social activity, which will be rolled out over the coming months in the UK.

The films were created by Matthew Lancod and Robert Amstell, produced by MJZ and directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, who was behind Sony Bravia's award-winning "Balls" ad.

Karmarama devised “Worlds of confusion” following a brief to build on the success of "Confusion to clarity". The creative, which focuses on both the overall brand and the savings can deliver on car insurance, was developed based on insights into how humans make decisions.

Since Karmarama introduced “Confusion to clarity” in 2018, has taken second place in the total share of the car insurance comparison market, up from fourth.

Samuel Day, chief marketing officer of, said: “Life is full of everyday confusions, and we wanted to take these potential challenges and position them as a force for good, showing that there can be value in questioning things. It’s what prides itself in doing, day in, day out. We want people to be confident when it comes to resolving common confusions and celebrate the feel-good factor of overcoming everyday challenges.”

Nik Studzinski, chief creative officer at Karmarama, which is part of Accenture Interactive, added: “Confusion. It affects us all (or should that be effects?). Our latest campaign for is a glimpse into the journey we all go on when we find ourselves a little confused and the feeling of clarity that often follows when you find the answer (no, it’s definitely affects).”