Copywriters' unfinished novels get turned into a real book to benefit ad students

Book is made up of first chapters of unfinished stories written by creatives.

Grey Canada and Miami Ad School have created a book containing advertising creatives’ unfinished novels to benefit copywriting students.

The First Chapter Project began in October 2018 by asking copywriters from around the world to submit the first chapters of their unfinished novels. The idea was based on the cliché that every copywriter has attempted a novel, but most never get around to finishing it. 

The resulting book, entitled Chapter One, contains first chapters from creatives including Susan Fowler Credle, global chief creative officer at FCB; Paul Nagy, chief creative officer at VMLY&R Australia; and Tom Christmann, partner and chief creative officer at DiMassimo Goldstein New York.

Chapter One is available for pre-order on Kickstarter and all proceeds will go towards a Miami Ad School scholarship fund to help burgeoning writers go into copywriting before they become failed novelists. A printed copy is available for $20 and a digital PDF is on sale for $10.

The project was written by Rena Green and art directed by Eric Fern Carriere at Grey Canada. 

Green said: "We all have our dreams and talents, but at the end of the day we take those talents and find a career that can pay the bills. For many writers, that's advertising. This project is a testament to copywriters everywhere that they didn't completely abandon their dreams. And while their novels may or may not ever get finished, at least they were started. 

"While copywriters may be stuck behind our desks writing social copy and banner ads 99% of the time, we’re all still writers who want to write interesting, thought-provoking, stupid, funny copy. This project is our chance to highlight those pieces of writing."