Cornetto "Lick Challenge" by Lola

The ice-cream brand Cornetto has overhauled its product, logo and packaging, and created an online challenge for consumers to support the revamp. In addition to changing the Cornetto Classico, the branding for Cornetto has been redesigned to better appeal to its teen audience. The agency Lola has created an online game to promote the change. The result is the Cornetto Lick Challenge, featuring Nick Afanasiev, who has an 8.9cm tongue. Consumers with access to a webcam can take the challenge by licking the Cornetto that appears on their screen. The aim is to make the ice-cream disappear as quickly as possible. Those who fail to beat Afanasiev have their Cornetto replaced with a cactus or something similarly unsuitable. The work was written, art directed and designed by Juan Sevilla.