Cost per human: What really matters to advertisers

Cost per human: What really matters to advertisers

One look at the online advertising industry and it all seems to be doom and gloom. Headlines proclaiming 198 million people globally use ad blockers, that online fraud costs UK advertisers £277m, and that 86% of consumers suffer from banner blindness, aren’t making the industry any more attractive to advertisers. These issues are causing a huge problem for marketers who require the attention of human beings.

All these issues can be negated if advertisers start to assess and pay for inventory on a cost per human (CPH) basis. This is the only way to buy the guaranteed attention of a human being with regards to a brand message, and better yet, to only buy the guaranteed understanding of a human being of a brand message.

Rezonence's product FreeWall® is our take on solving big advertiser and publisher challenges with digital by providing proven engagement and accountability.

Buying on a CPH basis is possible today because of tech like FreeWall®, allowing advertisers to buy formats on a cost per engagement (CPE) basis. Rezonence can ensure proven reach for your digital campaign. Meaning your brand message will be seen, understood and engaged with by a human.

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