Coty unveils second viral game to back Exclamation perfume

LONDON - Cosmetics giant Coty has launched a second online viral game to encourage teenage girls to interact with its website for the Exclamation fragrance range.

Ad agency The Minimart has created the 'A Date with Josh' viral game to draw more teenage girls to the site.

Players go on a "virtual date" with the handsome Josh to a upmarket restaurant. An actor playing Josh was filmed carrying out various romantic tasks and users type in commands to interact with the game, the main objective being to get a kiss from Josh.

Tim Clyde, co-founder of The Minimart, said: "We are confident that once girls have cracked how to get a kiss from Josh, they will inspire their friends to play the game until they too have succeeded."

Visitors to, launched last December, are also encouraged to create the "perfect bloke" by choosing his face, body, hairstyle and clothes.

Users can then specify character traits, name him and submit their "Mr Right", and can also email their creations to friends.

The website also includes a Boyfriend Hall of Fame, were users can vote for their favourite virtual bloke, and a quiz that matches them to one of Coty's four Exclamation fragrances.

The Minimart worked closely with Coty's in-house designer Nic Hudson to ensure that the website's look was consistent with the brand.

Natalie Moon, Coty UK marketing manager, said: "The Minimart's research showed that the internet plays an increasing part in the lives of 13- to 15-year-old girls.

"The Minimart's idea of allowing girls to create the the 'perfect bloke' has clearly struck a chord with our target audience."

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