Country Life urges readers to drink English 'champagne'

LONDON - IPC's Country Life magazine is launching a second manifesto this week, urging people to eat only ethically produced chicken and to let children visit the countryside more often.

The magazine has decided to launch a new 10-point manifesto following the popularity of last year's effort, which called for countryside lessons to be taught in schools.

This year's manifesto, which can be viewed in full at the Country Life website, includes some points that are likely to have widespread support, such as giving children more freedom. But is also likely to enrage others, as it calls for people to learn to love GM crops and to drink English "champagne".

Mark Hedges, Country Life's editor, said: "We'd like to highlight the need for children to spend more time out of doors, exploring the countryside.

"A fifth of all children never visit the countryside. Those who do may find that officialdom discourages them from playing with conkers or touching livestock.

"We're staunchly of the view that there's nothing better than a proper country childhood -- and that means losing some of the cotton wool in which young lives are wrapped."