Course deconstruct: International management with marketing, University of Roehampton Business School

This one-year Master's programme is aimed at those who see themĀ­selves working in a global organisation, with a focus on general management and finance options. It aims to prepare students for a wider role in an international capacity.

The lowdown

Students learn how to analyse the marketing environment for international brands, applying marketing concepts to different organisations, including those in the non-profit and public sectors. The course includes research relating to contemporary issues such as digital and retail marketing, as well as more general management and finance options.

What's included?

Students take the research-focused Contemporary Issues in Marketing module, which covers areas such as brands and brand management, cross-cultural management, entrepreneurship, sustainability and ethical business practice. A team with members who have different areas of expertise teaches the modules, so students learn directly from experts in their fields.

And another thing...

Students get an opportunity to debate issues, as they apply to their work in marketing, through regular seminars run by the School’s Research Centre.

Emilie Gauthier graduated with an MSc in International Management in 2012. She specialised in marketing options during her course and now works for a company that develops technologies for the music industry in Canada.

"After finishing my undergraduate degree, I worked for two years before deciding that I wanted to study for a business degree. I had very little business knowledge, but believed that because marketing is so ingrained in many aspects of a business, it would be a definite asset to my career.

I chose the University of Roehampton mostly because of its size and location. I learn better in a small class environment and was attracted by the beautiful campus. I also wanted an international experience; my classmates came from all over the world. Since our programme was small, I really got to know them and we shared hardships and successes together as international students, doing a Master’s in another language. I have built friendships and contacts that will remain for the rest of my life.

I found the programme challenging – there is a lot of content to learn in one year, but I really feel that through every module, I got the chance to explore many aspects of a business and discover which ones I liked the most, which was very helpful when it came to finding a job.

I am now working as an operations manager in a start-up business. I apply the skills learned during my Master’s daily – marketing when developing our social-media strategy, finance when I work with the accountant, HR when I manage our team."