Course Deconstruct: MSc in Advanced Marketing Management, Lancaster University Management School

The course is intellectually challenging and focused on developing the critical thinking and creative and collaborative skills necessary for a successful career in marketing management.

Who’s it for?

It is a master’s degree aimed at graduates with significant prior academic and/or practical grounding in marketing. The class size of the one-year, full-time programme is limited to enable a high level of staff-student and student-student contact – there are no more than 45 students in each year’s cohort. There is also an emphasis on reflective behaviour, with the "mindful marketer" theme running throughout the year.

What’s included?

The course, which includes a dissertation, blends theory and practice while fostering a questioning approach, drawing on LUMS’ expertise and research. Core components include consumer behaviour, B2B, service networks, brand management, distribution and market research. The approach is non-traditional, viewing marketing not as something organisations do, but as a lens through which to examine how business is conducted. Highlights include insights into working with organisations – from the likes of Microsoft, Nokia and Reebok to regional SMEs – to solving live business issues, thus ensuring a broad range of marketing knowledge in different contexts.

And another thing...

The MSc has been approved and accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing to provide direct entry to the CIM’s Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.

David Frank completed the course in December 2012 with distinction. He now works as a management consultant for Infosys Lodestone.

"Having a First in marketing, I thought I had a solid basis in the discipline, but the course offered an entirely new perspective, going far beyond the ‘4Ps’ [product, price, place, promotion] mainstream. Questioning this basis was challenging at first, but it also proved to be the most inspiring part of the course.

It provided the best balance between challenging academic content covering a wide range of marketing subjects, as well as research methods, and a strong link to practice through real-life projects with renowned companies such as Microsoft. An important factor for me was the overall reputation of the course and LUMS itself.

As a result of this course, my perspective on marketing management and what it is supposed to be changed significantly. There were some great practical exercises, which have proved very useful at work, such as client negotiations, a management game and the experience with Microsoft. These were perfect opportunities to test strategies and behaviour within the safe environment of the classroom.

It is crucial not only to teach the academic side of marketing, but also to emphasise aspects of everyday business life, whether it’s negotiating with people or meeting deadlines. This course manages this balance well and is ideal for students who wish to expand their academic understanding of the marketing domain while looking for a strong link to business practice."