CRAFT: Pedro Romhanyi adds his name to Limelight’s roster after Pulp and Blur videos

Limelight has signed up the young pop promo star, Pedro Romhanyi, as a director.

Limelight has signed up the young pop promo star, Pedro Romhanyi, as a


Romhanyi made his name directing music videos for Britpop groups,

including the promos for Pulp’s Common People and Disco 2000 and Blur’s


Romhanyi graduated from the film course at the Polytechnic of Central

London, and worked in video production for four years before he

graduated to directing.

He has already made the move over to commercials, and has directed

Ovaltine Light’s ‘water park’, Daewoo’s ‘private’ through Duckworth Finn

Grubb Waters, and Capri-Sun’s ‘mirage’, through WCRS.

His commercials style matches the tone of his videos for Blur, the

Beautiful South and Pulp, which he made through the Oil Factory. They

have a quirky, humorous bent, and use bright colours.

Romhanyi has won Brit and Brat awards for his pop videos and has also

made short films featuring Jarvis Cocker. Last year he completed a

documentary about the singer and songwriter, Paul Weller.

Siobhan Barron, head of commercials at Limelight, has been looking to

add a new talent to the existing Limelight roster. She commented: ‘I was

impressed by Pedro’s music video work and excited that he was looking

for a company to address advertising.’

Romhanyi joins the Limelight roster which includes big names such as

John Lloyd, Daniel Kleinman and Steve Barron.

Barron is also looking to sign up new names for Sublime, the Limelight

off-shoot, which uses more cutting-edge directors such as Baillie Walsh,

Dan Nathan and Walter Stern.