Creatives pay tribute to Jonathan Goldstein

Composer passed away last month.

Dementia UK: Goldstein won a Creativepool award this year
Dementia UK: Goldstein won a Creativepool award this year

Acclaimed composer Jonathan Goldstein died in a plane crash in Switzerland last month (25 August). 

As well as being a former music director and composer at the Royal Shakespeare Company and an orchestrator for film and TV, Goldstein was founder and creative director of Goldstein Music Group, a company specialising in making music for TV ads. 

The music company worked with a range of brands including Vodafone, Volvo, Gillette, Dementia UK and BBC One, winning a series of awards since its inception in 2008.

Vicki Maguire, chief creative officer at Grey London, said: "I can’t believe it. A genius and a thoroughly nice man. An amazing talent spotter too; the crew he attracted to his company are next-level.

"He’s so young to be leaving a legacy, but his name and the company he set up are in brilliant hands and will ensure his passion and commitment live on."

Sue Higgs, group creative director at Grey, added: "I was lucky enough to work with Jonathan on many occasions and feel honoured that I had the opportunity to do so.

"He was the rare combination of being an extraordinary talent as well as a beautiful, kind and humble human being. He will be sorely missed."

Goldstein Music Group released a statement thanking clients and friends for their messages of support over the past few weeks. 

"As you can imagine, this has been an incredibly traumatic and harrowing time for all of us at the company. The relationship Jonathan had with his team transcended business, and we are all mourning the loss of a dear friend. We will all miss him so much.

"There are very few comforts at a time like this, but we all feel blessed to have known Jonathan and feel grateful for the opportunities he has provided."

The statement continued: "Thank you again for your messages of condolence and your kind thoughts. Our hearts are broken but they will mend, and that will be – in part – because of the support we have received from all of you. Thank you."

Campaign rounds up some of Goldstein's most renowned works.

Gillette 'The honest player'

Among Goldstein’s work is a series of collaborations with Grey London, arguably the most acclaimed of which is "The honest player" for Gillette. Set to a rallying speech by Scottish rugby union coach Kim Telfer, the spot talks through the trials and tribulations of becoming a successful rugby player, differentiating the "honest" players from everyone else on the pitch. 

The ad went on to win Best Music Composition at the Creativepool awards 2017, alongside a silver gong for Original Music at the London International Awards and a bronze for Best Original Music at the Kinsale Shark Awards in the same year.

Volvo 'Human made'

"Human made" brings to light the enduring role of people in the crafting of the car company’s models. This spot was released alongside a range of short films showcasing the talent of pioneering creatives, including smart prostheses engineer Oliver Armitage and photographer Erik Johansson.

Lucozade Sport 'The next step'

Goldstein’s work also plays throughout Lucozade Sport’s nine-minute "The next step", which launched last year. The ad follows a 19-year-old Londoner as he meets his icon, boxer Anthony Joshua. The pair go on to spend the day together, from sparring in the ring to bonding over their Nigerian heritage. 

Dementia UK 'Together again'

Another of Goldstein’s celebrated spots was last year’s Dementia UK ad "Together again", created by Arthur London. The animated ad uses imagery of a brewing storm to highlight the challenges of connecting with a loved one living with dementia.

Goldstein went on to win Best Music Composition at the 2019 Creativepool awards, alongside a gold for Best Original Music at the 2018 Kinsale Shark Awards and a nomination for Best Original Music at last year’s Ciclope Festival. 

BBC One 'The Voice season four trailer'

Switching between genres, Goldstein worked on the season-four trailer for The Voice, under agency Red Bee Media. Set to the tune of Ram Jam’s Black Betty, the track sees Tom Jones, Rita Ora, Will.I.Am and Ricky Wilson turn around to the musical stylings of a crow sitting on a bar stool. The judges are in high spirits as the crow sings, but things take an awkward turn when the bar staff arrives with a serving of chicken. 

The spot won Best Re-record or Adaptation at the 2016 International Music & Sound Awards, as well as a bronze for Music Adaptation at the 2015 London International Awards.

Lexus 'Swarm'

Back in 2014, Goldstein conducted a 55-piece orchestra in Angel Studios, London, to create Lexus’ award-winning "Swarm". Created by The & Partnership (then CHI & Partners) as part of the brand’s "Amazing in motion" campaign, the 60-second clip shows an army of quadrotors (miniature helicopters with four sets of rotor blades) exploring a city at night, stopping by a museum and leisure centre along the way, before disappearing into the early-morning skyline.

Goldstein’s work was recognised for Best Original Composition at the 2014 Music & Sound Awards.