Creatives reveal the best piece of advice they ever received

Ten creatives reveal the best piece of career advice they were ever given, including "go home, you're drunk" (excellent advice).

When you have to eat a turd don't nibble: Gary Baseman, "I Could Just Eat You Up #2", 2005
When you have to eat a turd don't nibble: Gary Baseman, "I Could Just Eat You Up #2", 2005

Creative Social, a network of creative directors and business owners, published the book, Best Piece of Advice Ever, in 2012. It was a collection of wise words given to "influencers in the creative industry."

Like a dog with a bone (that's a good piece of advice right there - be like a dog with a bone), Creative Social have continued to ask creatives to share the best piece of advice they ever received.

Cofounder Daniele Fiandaca posted his favourites last month, after he asked attendees for their input at CS Fresh in May. Here are our favourite bits of career advice:

Don’t ever do that! Don’t look back! Put something that inspires you on the wall instead! [I was about to put up a piece of work that I was proud of on the wall when my former CS, Jesper Kouthoofd said this]

Advice given to Fredrik Josefsson, art director and partner at Akestamholst

Remember, not everyone in the world is going to like you.

Advice given to Jason Fulton, director at This Memento, by his mum when he left home at 19

Go home, you’re drunk.

Advice given to Hesling Reidinga, creative partner, at Khana & Reidinga

Fuck it, ship it.

Advice given to Dom Buthcello, lead designer at Betaworks, by John Borthwick, CEO of Betaworks

The best way to give your creative ambitions a chance, is to keep your company as small as you can.

Advice given to Bas Welling, cofounder and executive producer of WeFilm

Never ask a question that can be answered with a yes or no.

Advice given to Jason Apaliski, creative at Pereira O’Dell by his first boss

Go to a therapist.

Advice given to Nilla Juvas, senior art director at Britny

Be stubborn about your goals but flexible in your methods.

Advice given to John McFaul, cofounder and director of McFaul+Day

The finest quality in any field of achievement is obstinacy. It doesn’t matter how talented, or smart or handsome you are. Ultimately it only matters how stubborn you can be.

Advice given to Henry Cowling, creative director at Unit9

Anyone who says they can make or break your career is full of shit.

Advice given to Niels Straatsma, creative at Achtung!, by Nathan Cooper

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