My culture: Chaka Sobhani on the Serpentine

What inspires the inspired? Some of adland's global luminaries reveal where they turn to for ideas, and it's an eclectic mix...

My culture: Chaka Sobhani on the Serpentine

One body of water. Two galleries. Three cafes. Lots of ducks.

The Serpentine has been a part of my life since I was kid.

As a place I walked round listening and asking endless questions of my mum.

To a place I fed (and was occasionally attacked by) the swans.

To the place I’ve walked round, through and inside thousands of times.

It’s where I think, breathe and reset.

The open air and space of Hyde Park declutters my head and blows cool air in to clear the gremlins.

I walk and walk, round and round the water, and talk out loud to the ducks.

And everything starts to feel instantly clearer and more focused.

It’s the quiet. It’s nature. It’s the movement of the water and me.

And then there are the two galleries to dip into, my favourite in all of London, nestled next to each other with a twee bridge dividing them.

Both the perfect pocket size for just the right hit of inspiration.

Featuring artists I’d seldom find or know myself, a delicious surprise always lays waiting.

Surprises to make me think, stare, buzz off, or sometimes get plain confused by or want to laugh at.

Perfect doses of art, sculpture, photography and so much more.

And let’s not forget the Serpentine Sackler Gallery cafe (how can food not be part of all this!).

Designed by Zaha Hadid, I just stare at the building in awe, whether inside or outside, and instantly I start to feel something and smile.

Big, spacious and with the most cool and delicious soundtrack always playing.

It’s my secret haven, the place that’s unlocked my brain over and over again.

All of it – the water, the park, the galleries.

My big little hit of creativity, from nature and people and art.

My Serpentine.

And hopefully yours too now.

Chaka Sobhani is chief creative officer at Leo Burnett, London