D&AD creates new skills programme

An initiative to help jaded young agency creatives broaden their

experience by learning new skills, from screenwriting to producing

comedy scripts, is being launched by D&AD.

Its aim is to stimulate teams with two or three years' experience who

are worried about becoming "burned out" by the savage competitiveness

and intensity of the business.

The programme, called Workout, begins in October and is the culmination

of two years of research by D&AD into the problem.

Claire Fennelow, D&AD's director of education, said: "In the old days,

agencies had guys who had been around the place for years and who looked

out for the young teams. But it's not like that any more."

She added: "The result is that within two or three years of leaving

college, creatives often become very stressed. They want to learn more

but 'pure' advertising courses may be too narrow for them."

Patrick Collister, the executive creative director at ehs-realtime, and

Steve Punt, the comedy scriptwriter and performer, are two of the tutors

signed up for the 20-week programme. Sessions will take place at

specially selected venues such as theatres and comedy clubs.

The programme, consisting of 16 modules from which participants pick

eight, was devised with help from focus groups comprising creatives of

varying levels of seniority. If the first programme proves to be a

success, another one will be launched before the completion of the


Fennelow did not believe agencies would be reluctant to spend more than

pounds 1,000 putting young creatives through a course for fear of losing

them to other careers.

"If people are thinking of changing jobs then they'll do it anyway," she

said. "I think the risk is minimal."

Detailed information about the programme is available from D&AD on (020)

7840 1111.