D&AD overhauls its membership rules

D&AD is overhauling its membership structure and is broadening its constituency to embrace other areas of marketing, such as branding and integration companies and interior designers.

Michael Hockney, the D&AD chief executive, said the move is designed to recognise that creative ideas are generated by all sorts of companies, not simply those that produce traditional advertising or design. Interactive agencies, digital, viral and environmental specialists will all be eligible for membership. And, Hockney said, media agencies could even be welcomed into the D&AD fold.

At the same time, three new categories of membership are being introduced.

In addition to full members - who can now put D&AD after their names - and associate members who have work in the D&AD Annual, there will now be associate members who are not in the Annual; these will have to be nominated by an existing member. Creatives with up to three years' experience in the business and students are also now eligible for membership.

- Comment, page 36.