Daily Diary - Golden Oldies

Who didn't love watching Super Gran as a child, the grandmother with super powers was an immediate hit in the 80s. However, it seems two Albion creatives took the programme a little more seriously than the rest of us.

Daily Diary - Golden Oldies

Tired of people cooing over kittens and babies, Albion creatives Pippa Harrigan and Laura Muse thought enough attention wasn’t being given to gray-haired grannies across the world.

So the duo have sought to rectify this but setting up a website dedicated to showing pictures of grandmothers. The pair are asking people to ‘send us your granny’ to put on their website Instagran, http://insta-gran.com/, which uses vintage photo filters to give pictures a dated effect.

However the golden oldie obsession isn’t just a weird phase but actual for a good cause, with the website directing users to its justgiving page to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society.

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