Daily Diary - Iris on Benefits

Staff at Iris have been shamelessly spending their working days boozing during the day, smoking, watching Jeremy Kyle and racing each other on mobility scooters, in a way only Frank Gallagher would be proud of.

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  • Iris on Benefits

    Iris on Benefits

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However, their laziness was not due to the slow summer months but in fact the agency was creating a new staff benefits book, 'Iris on Benefits', acting in the style of the C4 series, 'Shameless'.

Iris's co-founder Ian Millner didn't have to dig too to deep to look like a scary Manc, with the rest of the Iris staff doing a rather worryingly good impression of the rough, alcoholic, lazy, law-avoiding council estate characters from the comical Manchester-based hit series.

Despite the book's title, the agency isn't encouraging its staff to claim benefits, but is creating a play on words, using the series, to show what actual benefits (not of the Government variety) the agency has to offer.

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