Daily Diary: Leap for love

With a leap year only happening once every four years, Fold7's creative, Andrew Thomas has decided to leave his perpetual single throne in pursuit of a marriage proposal.

While 'Andrew Thomas: The Edge of Reason' might not quite have the same ring to it, the sentiment of 30 something looking for love remains the same.

However unlike Bridget Jones, Thomas has decided to go out and actively look for love at Liverpool Street station, handing out cards in hope of get a proposal from one special lady.

The cards direct women to his website and encourages them to follow him on Twitter, where he can "get to know them better".

Thomas will then wait at Spitalfields on the 29 February dressed in a full morning suit waiting for a marriage proposal.

Whichever brave woman decides to get down on her knees (to propose) will be whisked off to Paris for a romantic lunch.

Find out how Andrew gets on in Thursday's Daily Diary.

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