Daily Diary - Magners

Some agencies like to bring out fine wine and food for the launch of a new big ad campaign. The Red Brick Road, however, has taken a more unconventional approach for the launch of its new Magners ad, opting instead to serve baby food.

Red Brick Road staff doing a blind taste test
Red Brick Road staff doing a blind taste test

The agency decided to hold a blind taste test for the launch of its Magners’ ‘Made in the Dark’ campaign in its canteen.

Some poor unsuspecting Magners account handlers had no idea that they were being fed spoonfuls of apple sauce, capers, black treacle, sun dried tomatoes and baby food.

However, the torture was all worth it since they were able to wash it down with copious amounts of cider afterwards. Maybe for the next campaign they should do a blind taste challenge with Magners, Bulmers and Kopparberg. Now there’s a test!

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